Thursday, August 29, 2013

Check That Off The Bucket List: Dinosaurs

I must be pretty good at breaking up stories to keep you coming back for more. Remember that time I wrote about Part One of my Palm Springs trip and then later wrote about Part Two? Well, today it is time for the third and final part. Let me first begin with a little story:

Years and years ago, I was a young little lass who watched lots of quirky movies. Maybe because I'm a quirky girl. I had a love for movies like Adventures in Babysitting and... PeeWee's Great Adventure. That movie is so odd and one-of-a-kind that you literally can't forget it once you've seen it. Well, I always thought it would be cool to see those dinosaurs. You know, the "life-sized" dinosaurs on the side of the road where PeeWee gets dropped off after riding in the tractor trailer with crazy "Large Marge."

I thought maybe, just maybe I might drive by the dinosaurs on the drive out to San Diego from Virginia but sadly, we took a different route. However, little did I know at the time, the opportunity to see those roadside beasts wasn't too far away in the future. On the way back from Palm Springs, Ashley and I made a stop in Cabazon for two things: 1. To see the Cabazon Dinosaurs so I could finally check that off my bucket list and 2. To get date shakes at Hadley's!

There are few things I love more than quirky places [maybe that explains my love for roadside attractions] so when I had randomly read one day on Yelp about the "date shake" concept, I knew I had to partake. It wasn't a strawberry shake or a chocolate shake. It was a date shake. A shake with dates. And it was amazing. If I could have taken a picture that would have portrayed its deliciousness I would have. So, if you're passing through Cabazon, California... you MUST stop for a date shake at Hadley's. 

Now, on to the most important part...

It was everything I've dreamed of and more. Okay, maybe not, since I didn't run into PeeWee nor did we go up into one of the dinosaurs (how many times do you get the chance to say that in life?) but it was still pretty darn cool after all this time.

Can you believe that thing would have been even larger in real life? Rawr.

I'm glad I can finally say I've been there and seen the dinosaurs in real life. I'm sure one of these days, I'll be back again and I can say, "Large Marge sent me!" (Insert PeeWee laugh here!)

What quirky bucket list items do you have?


Cara-Mia said...

Haha so cute! I always love stopping there. You didn't go inside the one that has a gift shop in it?? Next time if not!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Aw how cool!!!