Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I have a dream that...

We will live in a world of love, no matter your skin color or who you love.

Every person will have the freedom and opportunities to find their purpose and live it.

A cure for cancer and AIDS will be found.

Animal abuse of all kinds will end.

Every child will feel safe in the presence of strangers and in the arms of family.

Our planet - its air, water, and land will be cared for and kept clean.

Peace will be found.

Living today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
For his March on Washington.
For his courage, strength, and example.
For his dream.

What do you dream?


Jennie said...

My dream for your beautiful country would be peace. Peace not just with other countries but with our own people, loving them because its what we are supposed to do not because they can or have done something for us.

Anonymous said...

I dream, that everyone will be treated equally, and people will get over this racist thing, and stop suggesting right away "is it cause' I'm [insert race]". We're all human, so why can't we just act like it.