Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Spring Means to Me

I am so excited for this Spring. My first Spring, and first full season, in San Diego. I'm excited for shorts and sandals. My toes in the warm sand. And eventually getting in the Pacific :)

I'm excited for warmer evenings watching the sunset. And even more excited for the nights I get to watch it snuggled up in strong arms. I'm excited for craft fairs. Craft beers. Zoo nights. And the slow progression into a San Diegan Summer.

This Spring means more outdoor brunches. Coffee in my backyard. Colorful nails and toes. The smell of the flowers as I walk outside. The warm touch of the sun on my back.

And what better place to experience all of that? What better place to smell the sweet salt air, watch the palms sway in the breeze, and to feel the fresh grass, the soft sand on my feet? San Diego. This is where I'm meant to be. And, Spring, I welcome you here with open arms.

What does Spring mean to you where you live?


The Pink Growl said...

AHHHHh all of that sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

This all sounds good. :)
I am looking forward to flowers and warmer weather!

Ericka said...

I can't wait for Spring to officially arrive here in Michigan. We got about 3 inches of snow yesterday and more to come today. I can't wait to not put on winter clothes every time I go outside. I can't wait to start grilling on the deck and eating out on the patio...ahhhh Spring, hurry up and come to Michigan!

Kristal said...

Colorful nails and toes + coffee in the backyard, SOLD! New follower to your adorable blog!
I have a giveaway for a $50 Nordstrom Gift Card going on right now on my blog, would love for you to come visit!

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I can't wait for coffee in the backyard! and breakfast! You are so stinkin' cute btw!

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Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Yippee for Spring! But today it's raining in Sac.. Lame..

Kristen said...

i love spring! it's such a great season

Chelsea said...

I totally agree!! Can't wait for it to finally come. Love being able to wear colorful nail polishes (I wear it even in the winter!) and being able to show it off!! :)

Becca Moss said...

LOVE this! Can't wait for warm weather!