Friday, March 22, 2013

Color Overload

Let's talk fashion again. In case you missed my post on my first style obsession [Aztec/tribal prints] you can go check that out here. You guys should know by now that I am the queen of all things 90s, yes? Well, since several of you were gushing over my jellies in this post the other day [it's okay, I still gush over them too] I figured I'd piece together a post all about where you can find jellies! No. Such. Luck. It looks like I literally bought out the jelly population and left the world with nothing.

Perhaps I should start my own jelly factory?


I am obsessed with colors. Ob. Sessed. To the point where three people [they were all guys so what do they know?] in the past two weeks gave me the whole, "WOW. Look at you and all your colors!"spiel. But you know what? I'm embracing me and embracing my style and I love my colors so as the days grow warmer, my wardrobe is growing even more colorful.

Here are some looks that I am loving. They mix their colors and they mix 'em well.

1. Anthropologie onesie, but of course.
2. Oranges and lavender. Why am I the only one who likes orange?

5. Atlantic-Pacific. I so would have rocked the orange/blue to my high school football games.
8. This is basically me minus the pink 

Now, don't even get me started on neons. We'll have to save those for another time because my closet is filling up with them, to say the least. Perhaps in a future post I'll show you some of my own colorful outfits!

So, who's taking the color plunge with me this year? C'mon. Have fun. Live a little. Ignore what the fashion police say about mixing too many colors ;)

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Katie said...

WHOA. LOVE LOVE LOVE the maxi and the electric colors. I just about fainted when I saw these outfits haha I need!!!

Niki Caron said...

I want that bathing suit! I love the colors!!!

Katie Did What said...

I'll take one of everything, please and thanks! LOVING hot neon colours!!


Jacqueline said...

You are a girl after my own heart... I am dying to throw on some colorful spring clothes!!!! If only this awful cold weather would leave!!!!!!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I am loving all the colors as well I just need to dive deeper into them.. Like right now.. I'm in nude pumps, grey pencil skirt, black grey and white tank and black cardigan..

Clearly I have issues.. I wear black DAILY.. But I LOVEEEE color!

Misty said...

coral + purple = love

julia rose. said...

Whoaaa baby I need ALL of these. Please and thank you!

Tarole said...

I'm obsessed!! I feel like my closet is quickly filling up with them as well. You are too cute. I haven't been to SD before, but I lived in Ventura for 3 months a couple years ago! So happy I found you from Love, The Skinnys giveaway! Happy Friday and come say Aloha if you'd like :)


Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love it all! especially that swimsuit! ah!!!! i need.

Anonymous said...

Call me a color wench because I'm loving EVERYTHING you posted here! I want to go shopping SO BAD it's absolutely ridiculous at this point!! :)

Chelsea said...

I'm inlove with this post!! Love all the color!! Especially the orange (my room is painted orange)!! I think I need to go shopping and get me some colorful things ;)

Melissa Jo said...

I am so boring and very rarely "color" ! Ugh I need fashion lessons lol.

Stopping by from Alisha's - I'm cohosting the giveaway with you!