Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect

Happiness has been pouring into my life lately. Usually on days when I least expect it. It leaves me feeling grateful. Grateful for the things I don't have. Grateful for the things I've lost. Grateful for the painful times. Because it's those things that make you appreciate the times you have something extra special. It also leaves me feeling grateful for the things I do currently have, even if they're not exactly what I want at the time.

Back in the day, I often thought the grass was always greener on the other side. That someone's life was better because of their relationship or their job or their crazy vacations. I could never just let myself be happy with where things were for me.

But, now, in this stage of my life, I've truly learned how happy my perfectly imperfect life leaves me feeling. I've seen how taking the long way does reward you more greatly in the end. And I am especially learning how important patience, faith, and being true to yourself are.

This life of mine is and has been ever so unpredictable. It's scary, yes. But it's life. It's my life. And when something feels right, it usually is. Embrace it. Whether it's perfect or not. Whether you can see it in its entirety or not. Just embrace it in that moment.

The phase of life that I'm currently in is full of uncertainty. There are so many unknowns about my journey forward. But that's when I have to embrace the "currents" that I do have. 

I can only imagine what it will feel like one day when all of life's pieces finally do align. But for now, I am enjoying the journey. I am feeling a happiness I never knew was possible to feel in such a perfectly imperfect life. 


Cassie said...

love this!! xoxo

Jenn said...

I think the important thing here is that you're open and ready for those pieces to fall into place. And when they do, you will be truly able to embrace and appreciate them :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Yaaa happy for you! I might have a date that I'm coming to SD soon!

Katie Did What said...

I just adore this post. I want to just remember all of what you said and put it in my pocket with me so I can be reminded whenever I'm having a perfectly imperfect moment. I love you and your energy and your postitive outlook! You are contagious, girly!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful post!

Chelsea said...

And that's the only way to do it! Can't change it, so embrace it :)

Amanda said...

You're so positive, even though you have been through so much. It brightens my day to read posts like this! :)