Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Tribal Print Has Spoken | My Style

I prefer the term "style" over "fashion" because, well, I'm not big into fashion. However, I am big into personal style. I think it's important for all of us to find a style that's so "us" and to rock it confidently :) Throughout the years, I started realizing how difficult it was becoming for me to keep my style. Strict work dress codes were a huge part of that reason. When I'd shop, I'd shop mostly for work and, little by little, my closet was becoming less me.

It was time to change that.

In my last position, I was able to dress pretty casual and now that I'm in Southern California, I am fully embracing the laid-back lifestyle as I've always wanted to do :)

With Spring and Summer clothes coming into the stores, and with the lovely 80 degree temps we had this past weekend here in San Diego [!!!!], I was inspired to get back in touch with my style. San Diego is the absolute dream place to shop for me. I can't wait for Spring to officially be here so I can rock what I bought and show you all. For now, here is the first style element that I LOVE:

Aztec/Tribal Prints




I am swooning. But what really makes me swoon... these tribal print skirts. I need them all.



That final outfit will always be one of my favorites. I just love the Tribal/Aztec look. I love the colors, the shapes, the depth that it adds to an outfit. And, out of the three print items of clothing that I picked up this weekend, two of them were tribal print. The other was... you guessed it - animal print!

So, as the weather continues to get warmer, you'll see me rocking the tribal skirts... and shorts... and tops :) What ever your style may be, find it and rock it too!


Ericka said...

I love the tribal print too! I have yet to own anything with tribal print, but I hope to pick up something soon.

julia rose. said...

Oh girl, yes!!! I'm lovingggg anything tribal/Aztec for spring! Especially all of those skirts!

Kristen said...

ooooooooooooh i love some of these pics! totally just screams summer!

Chelsea said...

Loving the aztec skirt!! Hope they bring it to my area!!

Jess said...

Those tribal print skirts- wow! Actually, I just remembered I picked one up while traveling last year- its bright red, blue, and white, not my favorite colors, but still tribal & pretty!

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Lauren Green said...

CUTE! Great post. I have been loving tribal prints too. I just ordered a great tribal print purse made by Pendleton (classic tribal prints!)