Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I Plan for 2013

This year is so fresh ahead of us. Anything is possible. Last year I had my word that I continued to strive toward. It was "become." I've never really been one to make New Year's Resolutions. I don't look at life as having problems to fix. I look at it as an experience. What can I do? What can I see? What can I become?

Lists aren't really my thing either. I've noticed that I never end up sticking to them. However, there are some things I want to DO this year. In no particular order:

+ Donate my hair in honor of my mom.
This is something I always wanted to do but never could because of the decade that I highlighted my hair. [You can't donate bleached hair.] Now is the time, and in February, around my mom's anniversary, I will donate my hair so that a woman who's able to receive treatment while battling cancer can have hair, even after she loses her own.

Although my mom's cancer was incurable and chemo/radiation was not even an option, she underwent those horrible treatments long ago, when she was younger than I am. It was for an entirely different type of cancer but I will never forget the way my mom talked about how it scarred her. Literally. If I could have given her a piece of me then, I would have. Her hair never grew back the same.

And maybe these women won't have their hair grow back the same either. Maybe their bodies won't be able to take it and the wigs are only worn for days before God takes them away. But they deserve to know we are thinking of them. And that they are beautiful.

I measured out 8 inches of hair and I still have just under two months left to grow!

+ Get to work on my San Diego bucketlist.
My bucketlist is still in the works and once it is semi-complete, I'll be sure to let you in on it. It's fun being new to the city and having people tell me, "Oh, you HAVE to go there!" Put it on the bucketlist :)

+ Find a job that's so "me"
Since I'm a daredevil and left my job in VA so that I could move to CA, I'm ready for a new, exciting start with my career. I've thought seriously about going back to school and that a career change might be on the horizon so this year my goal is really to find something that utilizes my talents and passions!

+ Continue to go to the gym regularly
I found a gym in San Diego that I really love which makes going there a real treat! I want to continue making that a priority throughout the week and seeing the results!

+ Experiment with new recipes
Being a single gal living alone can be tough in the recipe department. Recipes leave me with more leftovers than I can or would want to eat. However, I'm determined to find some new yum yums that I enjoy making and eating. I'd also love to try some of my mom's lovely recipes so I can pass those along in the family.

+ Write
Writing is so important to me. I want this blog to reflect that and I want to really write for myself. My mom always told me I should write a book and maybe this will be the year I start working toward that.

+ Find new foods and nourish my body
Since I moved to California, I've been exposed to new foods, vegetables, fruits, drinks, etc. I've recently become obsessed with avocados and tried milk tea for the first time. As I walk through the grocery store, I see so many fresh produce items I never saw on the East Coast and I can't wait to try them. I also want to nourish my body with antioxidants and superfoods.

+ Help the homeless animals 
It's no surprise here that I want to do something to help those poor, little animals. It is a passion of mine in this life to support no-kill shelters and encourage the adoption of those animals who have been abandoned, lost, or injured. Whether I work for a rescue league or volunteer my time and hopefully my home again one day, I will do this.

+ Always add to this list
I don't want to limit myself here. Moving to a new city means always discovering new things and always pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I'm sure this list will continue to expand and new ideas will constantly be added :)

I won't end this with a cliche, "2013, I know you are going to be even better than 2012." We all know how I feel about 2012. I just want this year to be great. And full of health. And happiness. And progress. I love you all.


Carolyn R said...

I love this post!! :) Your mom would love that you're donating your hair!! :)

Katie said...

So awesome Chelsea!! :) I love all of it, especially the eating/gym one and your hair too! that's so sweet!

SHAYNA said...

That's so awesome that you are donating your hair!!! & I love this list! It's definitely a great start to a new year!

CMae said...

You are much sweeter and braver than I-- I could never cut my hair in honor of my mom (selfish brat I know) Mine just doesn't grow fast enough to cut so much away! But even though my mom recieved chemo and radiation, she never lost all her hair, but it sure did thin out drastically and lost a few chunks brushing.

What gym did you join in SD? There are so many. The beauty of Cali lifestyle and people is that they are often very active and always out and about working out! :)

KRISTIN said...

What a great list of goals. I love that you are donating your hair--what a special way to honor your mama, I am sure she is proud!

SarahLagen said...

You are sweet to donate your hair like that!! That is so brave and awesome of you to do!! I'm sure you're mom would love you are doing it in honor of her!!!

Speaking of your book-- you've already got it started on your blog! Keep writing! Happy New Year!!


Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Good luck with all of these Chelsea! I just know 2013 is going to be a better year :) xoxo

Rowdy! said...

That's a great list of things!

Erin said...

So very cool that you're donating your hair in honor of your mom. I know she is so proud :)

And you have an awesome list of goals-- I love adding stuff to my 'must-do' list when I visit new cities, so I'm sure you have QUITE the list since you'll be living there now!

julia rose. said...

I love all of these! Especially the fact that you're donating your hair- that is amazing!! You will look adorable with a short bob too ;) Good luck with the rest of your resolutions and goals- you're doing big things, sister!

Cody Doll said...

What great goals. I love all that your wrote down. =]

Happy New Year,

The Pink Growl said...

You are such an inspiration! Love this list and it's true that 2013 is going to be AMAZING! Each year should always be better than the previous one. Happy new year!

fugeecat said...

What a fantastic list! I love the one about donating your hair. Good luck on rising to those new challenges you've set for yourself.

lori said...

so awesome of you to donate your hair. i donated 12 inches a couple of years ago and am working on growing it back out to donate again, such a great thing to do! and you have gorgeous hair, so i am sure someone will be very happy you donated :)

and make sure you share your new health and grocery store finds on the blog for all of us on the east coast!

Denise said...

So sweet to donate your hair! I really REALLY want to volunteer at an animal shelter! It sounds amazing!

Sara Pierce said...

love your list! I'm growing my hair out to donate as well, and absolutely agree that you should NEVER stop adding to your list!

Raquel said...

Such wonderful goals Chelsea!!

Britt said...

What wonderful goals for 2013! I can't wait to see your bucket list for SD:)

Cara-Mia said...

What a great post! Love that you'll be donating your hair, that is so awesome!

Looking forward to your SD bucket list. I've been here since February, and before that used to make frequent trips here, but I feel like I stick to the same places. I need to branch out!

Kristen said...

happy new year!! that is so sweet of you to donate your hair, i know whoever is lucky enough to receive your hair will be so thankful. can't wait to see your new do when you've done it too!