Monday, January 7, 2013

On This Birthday

27 years on this Earth.
27 years of:

But, as you all know, on this day, 27 years ago, my sweet mom brought me into this world. And my sweet Mom is not here in this world anymore.

The only person I had known since my first heartbeat.
I won't hear her say, "Happy Birthday" this year.
Or have her tell me the story of how the nurse turned to her in the hospital and said, "Oh, you're gonna have trouble with that one!"

I just miss her.
Especially on this day. My birthday.
I know I wasn't easy to give birth to; or to raise for that matter ;)
But I will never forget the bond we had.
My only mother and, I, her only daughter.
My dad still tells me how badly my mom always wanted a little girl, after losing her own mother at such a young age.

And if there is one wish I can have come true in this world, I'd want it to be for a little girl of my own one day.
+To pass down all the lessons my mom taught me.
+To teach her to cross her legs.
+To dress her up in lacy socks, cute jumpers, with bows and barrettes always in her hair.
+To teach her to be an independent woman.
+To always make her bed.
+To wake up each day and be grateful to just be alive!

So, this birthday, I won't be celebrating "me."
I'll be celebrating my mom's legacy.
The gift of life that she gave me.

I love you, Mom.
This January 7th is for you.


Tyler said...

Happy Birthday dear! I can't even imagine how hard it is to lose your mom. Sending hugs your way, and I do hope you have a wonderful birthday.

The Pink Growl said...

Happy Birthday beautiful! I know your mama is looking down on you so proud of what you've done these past 27 years. HUGS!

KRISTIN said...

Beautiful post! Happy Birthday pretty lady!

Brittanie said...

Happy Birthday!!! You have the best outlook when celebrating your day and all that your mom has taught you!

We've got to carry on our parent's legacy and the best place to start is within our own lives.

Your mom is definitely looking down on you and wishing you the best birthday! I'm also positive she is smiling knowing how beautiful you are inside and out.

P.S. I love the making the bed part! I am the same way and can't thank my mom enough for drilling in that chore!

Enjoy your day and live it up!

Katie said...

Happy birthday hun! She's always with you <3 Love you!

SHAYNA said...

You have a way with writing girlfriend! She's there! & she told your birth story so many times so that you can think of it & remember when she's not there. Happy Birthday sweet friend!!! I hope that you have a great day!!!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day.

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Chels! She is definitely with you today, and always. XOX

Ash said...

happy birthday, sweet friend... and a big HUG to you!

Holly said...

Happy birthday, my sweet friend! I can't imagine how hard it is to celebrate your birthday without your mom. But know that you are loved and she is always smiling down on you! I love you bestie and just know I'm thinking about you both today!! xoxo

Carolyn R said...

Happy birthday my friend!! :) Your mom is with you today, even if you can't see her!

Alex said...

Happy birthday dear, I hope it is an amazing day for you filled with everything you love, even though your mom can't be here.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!

iwillcomehome said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday! God bless!

Abbey said...

Happy birthday, Chelsea! You have my sisters birthday too, who is just a year older. :) I am so sure that your mother is, of course, still with you today and seeing how much you've grown. She'd be so proud of all your accomplishments!! <3

ashlyn williams said...

happy birthday sweet girl! hope you are having a blast in Cali! xo

Gretchen said...

What a lovely post!
Happy Birthday!

tara said...

happy happy birthday, love!!

Katie said...

This really is a super sweet post!! Your mom would be proud of you and the amazing new things ahead of you. Happy Birthday!

Kristen said...

this just wrenched my heart. i'm so sorry love, just know she is with you always

Kristine said...

Sooo, I'm a horrible friend (and an even worse blogger friend) being that I'm SUPER late on saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

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