Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feeling the Holiday Friend-Love

After my super successful day in Old Town San Diego that I talked about yesterday, I was almost set to get on a plane to venture back to DC. However, before I left for the East Coast, I got to experience a little West Coast Navidad as well :)

Sweet Brianna from Heart of Life is a total doll and sends me goodies JUST when I need them. Let's talk about the candle first. It's a Mara Mi candle in Woodland and smells like Winter perfection. Brianna says she got it at Target :)

She also gave me some coral and glitter e.l.f. nail polish! One of my biggest weaknesses [Coconut M&M's], recipe cards that were perfect because I wanted to write down some of my mom's recipes while visiting home, and that gorgeous hand-painted LEOPARD ornament! A girl after my own heart, yes? She is just the sweetest and it was such a nice surprise to see this package on my doorstep!

Later that week, I met up one evening for sushi with HollieTammyCara-Mia, and Jessica! These ladies are great and I'm so glad to have a little community here already! We caught up and chowed down on a TON of sushi! [Like, a lot.] Jessica also passed my Christmas scarf order off to me because she is a scarf-designing-genius!

They are gorgeous, right? I gifted one and bought the other for myself ;)

I had one more sweet package arrive on my doorstep. Santa delivered it early before I left!

My blog bestie, Holly from Running in Stilettos, is a doll and sent me this home warming/Christmas care package. [I mean, Santa sent it!] She sent me the yummy Slatkin & Co. "Snowed In" candle to remind me of Wintery Virginia in California. She gave me a little journal, my chocolate of choice [you know you have a chocolate problem when BOTH care packages contain this same item] ;), and this beautiful, custom-made ornament from Morgann Hill Designs.

The ornament shows my heart in Virginia and how it swept all the way across the country and landed in San Diego :) Is that something or what? So meaningful and so thoughtful!!

I feel so blessed to have friends all over the country who I haven't even met yet [and some that I have!] who are giving and loving and caring enough to think of little me and send me such wonderful house warming gifts and cards! I have the cards displayed in my living room to put a smile on my face during the more lonely days :)

I love you all! Each and every one of you have a spot in my heart and I am so grateful for the friendships we've made!


Brittanie said...

Love this! Such cute gifts and what amazing girlfriends!

Holly said...

Thanks for the love, doll! I'm so glad you liked what I sent! I hope it helps on the lonely days to know how much you're loved! xoxo

Cara-Mia said...

Aw what a sweet post! I hope we can meet up again soon. :)

Ashley said...

That has to be the best feeling-- you've got love coming to you from coast to coast! So cool. Hope all is well, lady. xo

Ashley said...
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SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

Ohmyworrrd! That sushi looks amazing! And how cute is your ornament? :)

Brianna said...

(: SO glad you loved everything... and that you got TWO bags of coconut m&m's (: so funny!! Holly's ornament is SO cute and thoughtful!!
I am craving sushi so bad right now and that picture has my mouth watering!!!