Friday, January 11, 2013

After Christmas/Bday Favorites

I've been making note of a few favorites I want to share with you [hair products and kitchen trinkets] so be on the look-out for those. Today, I'm just sharing some random favorites!

Favorite Scent
I know I haven't even mentioned how my Christmas was or what Santa brought me but every year I like to ask for a new perfume [or a refill] and this year, Lola by Marc Jacobs was on the list! Lola was the runner-up last year so this Christmas was her year :) I am in love.

Favorite Food
Sushi. You guys, I may or may not sometimes eat sushi more than once a week. Let's just say that in the less than one month that I've lived in San Diego, I've had more sushi than I ever had in Virginia. And I lived there for over twenty years. Oops? I blame it on the West Coast...

Favorite Entertainment
Thanks to my sweet neighbors, I had free tickets to go see a wonderful play on its opening weekend here in San Diego. Not only do I love getting dressed up for the theatre but I love being surrounded by the arts. The show was called An American Story, written and performed by Hershey Felder. It's the true story of Dr. Charles Augustus Leale who was the doctor that tended to President Lincoln when he was shot. It was truly remarkable and a completely genius performance. It's playing at the Birch North Park Theatre until the start of February!

Favorite Fashion Line
LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's is one of my go-to lines, especially since everything at Kohl's is on sale so often. I picked up this blouse in lime yellow a few weeks ago and finally chose to wear it on my birthday. I paired it with my teal skinnies because I can never get enough color.

I spent my birthday in Laguna Beach [more on that next week!] and while shopping in some of the boutiques, some of the girls complimented my outfit saying they would never have thought to pair two "greens" together like that but that they loved it! I never considered that my outfit consists of two "greens", but then I realized the yellow does have a hint of pale lime and yes, I guess teal is a blue-green :)

Favorite Home Goodie
Like that play on words there? I L-O-V-E Home Goods for anything and everything home-related. I also love Bath & Body Works and their semi-annual sale. Lucky for me, my gym is in the same shopping center as a little outdoor mall so I took it upon myself to walk around in my shorts and a t-shirt [jealous, yet?] and check out that sale.
I walked out with some goodies including the White Barn No. 2 Chestnut & Clove Wallflower. Currently on sale for $3. I think it's a great transition scent from Christmas into the remainder of the Winter season :)

Favorite Funny
Every time I see this, I can't stop laughing. Cat lovers unite! [Did I really just say that?]
The caption on Pinterest was, "Photo Bomb." :)


And, with that, I shall bid you farewell and happy weekending!


Carolyn R said...

You should know that I'm now craving sushi. Thanks for that. :)

Jenn said...

I looooooove sushi. I have the perfect spot to go to in VA for when you come back to visit. It's a hole in the wall but it rivals all of the sushi that I've ever had.

Leanna Vera said...

I have been craving sushi like whoa lately.

I love those Wall Flowers! I may have bought far too many when they first released their winter scents this year. I'm nto convinced I'm going to be able to use them all before it's time to switch to spring scents...oh well!

Ashley said...

OMG. I would travel all the way to the west coast for that sushi!!! Holy amazing. Also, I love your fashion sense, girl. Those flats are adorable! xox

Jenny Watson said...

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