Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Inspire Card Swap

I love how certain opportunities find their way into your life unexpectedly. A couple months ago, Hollie and I partnered up to co-host Project Inspire, a card swap designed for bloggers to inspire, motivate, and encourage each other through a card.

My partner ended up being Kristen from Love, Lipstick, and Pearls! Once the date for sending off our cards had passed, I kept checking the mail for that special, little card. There's just something special about receiving snail mail!

I got the card and decided to wait for a moment when I really needed inspiration and encouragement. It had been a trying and long week at work and so really, the card came just in time :) I carefully opened up the envelope to find this pretty card inside:

Was that card perfect or what? Kristen's words spoke straight to my heart.
She knew exactly what to say.
Exactly how to comfort me and put a big ole smile on my face :)

I love that Edgar Allan Poe quote about angels and mothers. I had never seen it before but seriously, how thoughtful of Kristen to find that and include it in this sweet card! It was definitely a nice, little surprise.

Kristen - I can't thank you enough! Your card completely brightened my week. Your perspective is so refreshing and I'm sure I'll be reading your words whenever I need a little extra encouragement :)

See, isn't snail mail the best? Who's ready for another Project Inspire? ;)
I can't wait to see what everyone else got and to feel all the positive vibes going throughout the blogging world today! Link up below and show us your inspiration!

As you read this, I'm probably landing in beautiful San Diego! Feel free to follow along on Instagram [@chelseasunset] to see what I'm up to on my trip!


ambie xox said...

That looks amazing! It's such a awesome idea! I would love to join!

Kristen said...

I'm so glad you liked your card, when i came across that quote, i knew it was perfect for you! and i love all the pictures you took, i really need a) a better camera than my phone and b) to get more creative w picture angles.

Carolyn said...

So sweet! :)

Jenn said...

Thanks for hosting. I had such a blast participating! It looks as though Kristen really hit the nail of the head!!

Hilary said...

better late than never! loved this link up - great idea!

Anonymous said...

Very nice link up!

I'm a new follower from Erin's giveaway. :)

I hope you can join my linkup here and my giveaway here.