Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After the Monday Obstacles

Yesterday was a no-good, really bad, get-me-out-of-here Monday. I had no idea when I put my fun, little chocolate brown wedge boots on early that morning that I'd be walking fifteen miles back and forth my office and up and down the flights of stairs all day. I should start wearing a pedometer. It was just a hectic, trying day.

However, I had a few things to look forward to once I climbed over those work obstacles.

1. A special delivery - Don't you love when you track a package that you've been waiting oh-so-patiently for and see that it will be delivered soon? I knew there was a 99% chance a fancy little shoebox would be sitting on my porch waiting for me when I got home from work.

Boy, was I right! As I pulled up the driveway, there it was. The shoebox weighing only one pound with my glorious new TOMS inside! I can't wait to put them on my feet and feel their soft comfiness! And to know there is a child somewhere out there with a new pair of shoes...

2. TV - I'm grateful for having a few shows that I whole-heartedly enjoy. They take my mind away from the day even if just for an hour or two. [You can read about my Fall TV line-up here!] Last night, I turned on my DVR and watched Sunday's Long Island Medium. There were tears.

Then, I watched the 90210 premiere. Surprisingly, there were tears.

There were even tears watching last night's first battle round on The Voice. I mean, Adam Levine was singing Sublime. [Okay, so I didn't actually tear up at that point.] But I did later.

3. The countdown to a long-overdue album - A Fine Frenzy is one of my all-time favorite artists. She is all I listened to in the months prior to and once I made the move to Utah in early 2010. Every time I go back and listen to her music - any song - I am taken back so fully to those very moments. I'll save those thoughts and feelings for another post as I'd like to keep this one rather light and airy :) Anyway, after three years, the new album - Pines - was released today and I'm proud to say before midnight, I became a proud, new owner!

And because I love you so much, check out my new theme song [explanation to follow in the coming weeks] Now is the Start...

What are the little things that bring a smile to your face after a long work day? What albums are you currently loving?

P.S. I can't be the only one crying during all of those shows, right? Several of you told me you were crying during Long Island Medium ;)

*Oh, and don't forget - today is the final day to enter the RoseRags giveaway for a leopard poncho! Enter now, here :)


Kim Orpin said...

There's nothing like wearing TOMS- sheer bliss. And I'm so glad you love A Fine Frenzy so much, because (gasp!) she had almost slipped my mind in the awesome music department! Can't wait to hear the new music!

CALLIE said...

New Tom's can brighten any day!!! I am not familiar with this music. Off to start a new pandora station :)

Hilary said...

Sorry Monday sucked :( At least traffic was light right?? Let's see the TOMS!

Raquel said...

Yay for new shoes! Specially TOMS :) They're amazing shoes!

Kristen said...

enjoy your toms! they're so comfy

Britt said...

Yay TOMS!!!