Monday, October 22, 2012

Catching Up on Fall

I'm back! Thanks, everyone for being so sweet and supportive of me taking some time away from blogging to get re-focused. It certainly helped! You're probably wondering what I've been up to. Like, what could I have possibly filled up all my time away from blogging with, right? Thinking, reading, planning, un-planning, renewing my faith, solidifying my ideals and the goals I have in life.

I even have a fun announcement at the end of this post but, for now, here are some pictures :)

1. I dug out the bins at my parents' house that my mom had designated just for Fall decor. These are only a few of the many bins that she had. My mom was SO talented at decorating every little piece of the home. She made it so beautiful and inviting and I'm sure her love for decorating led to my extreme LOVE for the HOLIDAYS! I tried my best to recreate some of the magical Halloween decor she was known for.

2. Because who doesn't love a lot of little glitter? I know I sure do! I had a blast working on this project for Project Inspire! More on that this Thursday!

3. How cute is this little photo op on the side of I-95 in Virginia? Inside the O it says, "Virginia is for LOVERS!" You've got that right! #LOVEVA

4. I was finally reunited with some of my sorority sisters a couple weekends ago! As always, it was so great to see them and catch up and make fun of my height :)

5. You'd be surprised how much commotion this outfit of mine caused at work. The guys couldn't get over how "colorful" it was saying things such as, "Well, we'd definitely be able to see YOU at night!" Please note my TOMS that I am in LOVE with! Not in love with the "no-see-um" socks I wore with them. Suggestions?

6. I'm in love with diners. I'm also in love with San Diego. So, a picture at the diner with the super retro SD was definitely a necessity. On another note, my hair is ridiculously long and needs to be cut.

7. Church outfit! I could pretty much live in pencil skirts. [Okay, so maybe that's not very practical.] But there's just something special about putting on your Sunday Best in the morning and heading out for a beautiful day.

8. On the drive home from church, I took in the color of the Fall leaves changing and their contrast against the bright blue Virginia sky. It is surely a blessing to live in such a pretty place during this harvest season.

And, now, for the announcement:

I am leaving for beautiful San Diego this Thursday! It's been nearly two years since I've visited my favorite place and I've missed it more than I can explain. It's my second home; my haven. The place for me that just makes sense. I'll be there for about a week and I am super excited to finally meet some of you beautiful ladies! If you're a San Diegan and we don't already have plans - let's meet up! :)

I will be writing more about this trip and my decision to go soon :) As for now, I'm super excited to be back to blogging. I love you all!


Katie said...

Yay you're back :) I missed you! SO happy you booked SD and can't wait to hear about "it" afterwards. Much love sister!

Courtney M said...

Looks like you were able to really enjoy your time "off" and away from blogging. Enjoy your trip!
oh! and I don't wear socks with my Toms... just bare feet...

Holly said...

Aw, friend! YAY for SD!!! So glad (and jealous) that you're going! Pick me up in Ohio on you're way, won't you! I can't wait to hear about your adventure!!

I missed you around these parts. Welcome back! I hope the time away helped :) Love you! xoxo

Amanda C. said...

Glad you were able to take a hiatus and get refocused. Sometimes you just have to.

Katie Did What said...

LOVE your cute colorful outfit!! :) And yayyy San Diego- looove that city! Have so much fun, girl!

Shayna said...

YAY! You're back!!! I cannot wait to hear about your SD trip! I know it's going to be so much fun!!!

Emily said...

I loved visiting San Diego! It sounds like you had some good refletion time. Can't wait to read more about it and your trip west!

Kristin said...

welcome back!! yay for san diego!!

tara said...

welcome back, love!! and yay for SD!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

And I am SO excited to hang out with you in SD! =) Are we still on for Friday?


Hilary said...

the VA sky is always so blue in the fall - love it! hope you're having a blast in Cali! XO