Wednesday, June 13, 2012

House Hunters | Foyers and Entryways

I always knew I was obsessed with stairways but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered my true love and appreciation for the stairs’ wingman – the entryway/foyer. I love foyers! Foyers are so much more complex and dynamic than most people realize. They are the invitation into the home; the warm welcome; the first impression upon setting foot inside. Maybe I ought to start an interior [and exterior] design blog! :)

If you’re new here, I should also tell you about my love for HGTV’s show, House Hunters. I record it daily and have come to find some of my most favorite features and items that will be at the top of my “must-have” list one day! Until then, I have this blog to document and share my home inspirations. Every so often, I’ll have this House Hunters feature where I’ll show you ideas I love for a different section of the home. Today, it’s all about entryways and foyers. [Check out my dream kitchens here!]

While choosing the below entryways, I tried to be at least somewhat realistic for the most part. After all, I’m sure the square footage of my first home won’t be ridiculous – but hey, who knows? ;) Then again, some of these were just too pretty not to share! I realized a couple common denominators after selecting each of these pictures – light and color. I love a house full of sunlight [but also with some privacy! What would I do without window treatments?] and everyone should know by now how much I ADORE color!

Whether it’s a splash of color using accent pieces and fun furniture, or whether you paint the entire door a bright color or utilize color and patterns through wallpaper – I’ve got to have it!

Beautiful French doors, splashes of color, and the vintage archway. Not to mention, how gorgeous are the white wash floors?

Again with the arches - another common denominator I suppose! The color here was added through the wallpaper and pillows.

I tried my best to ignore the staircases, but look at this! The wrought iron with the light yellow is just so Mediterranean

I think it goes without saying that I am a huge fan of the vintage, Old Spanish architecture. It just makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a film from the 60’s. I love the charm and character of this entrance from actress, Amanda Peet’s home.

I know, I know. You think I’m crazy for posting this. Take away the mural, and honestly, I kinda like it! Mainly because turquoise is my favorite color. But seriously, how fun is that carpet going up the stairs?

I don’t love the dominant black and white for the entrance but I do love the mood that the thick striped walls and patterned carpet give off. So unique!

We’re back to the old Hollywood flair. Swoon. The French doors. The black and white tiled floors. The archways. The greenery. I am in love.

My favorite color yet again! What a fun way to add some color. Just add a little paint!

Can't say I'd personally go with green but I sure love how the color is incorporated into this space!

Old, classic Hollywood! I adore this space. And check out the beautiful stairway!

This is a great example of a smaller entryway that is still decorated wonderfully. Simple yet pretty!

If you know me, you know I posted this picture solely because of the stairs!

So, these are just some of the examples of entryways and foyers that I'd look for in my future home. Let's not forget - I'm sure these spaces didn't always look this inviting so keep your mind open if you're house hunting. All it takes is a little creativity :)

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The Michelle Show said...

the second last one is my favorite I think. And the sneak peek of the beamed ceiling in the next room? DEAD!

Anonymous said...

Im a big House Hunters fan also! It always makes me want to get back into the house hunting process again, but then I turn the show off and I think why the hell would I WANT to do that long, stressful house hunt again?! haha

Kristen said...

i love entryways in a home, it's the first thing people see that help welcome guests

Hilary said...

I love foyers too! Ours sold me on the home... 2 story center hall. I love being able to hang a big chandelier, and we ended up tearing up the carpet, and painting the stair treads white. *Love* the photos you posted.

Renay Lattimore said...

Whenever I’m house hunting, I always opt for a white home interior. I just love a bright room! It makes everything lighter, from the room’s ambiance to the mood of whoever’s in that space. =)

- Renay Lattimore