Monday, June 11, 2012

My First LUSH Review

I love trying new things. A couple months ago, when I made a trip out to Annapolis Mall, I spotted a LUSH store. It was quite a treat to go inside after all the talk I had been hearing about their products. The store smells wonderful. Fresh aromas surround you as you peruse the shelves and look at the pretty colored soaps and read the clever labels. The girls who worked there were all super helpful and knowledgeable about the products.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited. How would I know what to buy? Well, once I was greeted and started looking at some displays, one of the ladies offered me a hand treatment. “Sure! Why not?” She put different products on my hand, including one of their very popular salt scrubs and I could instantly feel a difference. I was there for facial products instead so, once my hands were nice and fresh, I started talking to another associate about what I was looking for.

After chatting and then trying a few samples, I walked away with these three goodies:

Ultrabland: This stuff is crazy. Here’s what I do – I wash my face with my usual face wash (Biore) and then massage this cream into my skin for about one minute. Then, I take a damp cotton pad and slowly press it down on my face as I wipe the cream away. Along with the cream comes additional dirt and make-up that was deep down in your pores. And, yes, you can see it. That just goes to show you how clean our faces really are after washing them once!
After that, I personally wash my face again. I don’t wash it as thoroughly as the first time [I use my hands instead of my Clarisonic the second time around.] This time, I use my Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. This wash has real lavender and rose in it which not only smell beautiful but also help take the redness out of your skin and balance combination skin. Ground almonds are used to exfoliate the skin. This cleanser is sold by the ounce so you can get as much or as little as you would like!

Lastly, I use a toner. I think I have used two different toners my whole life and the time for which I used them was rather short. The toners I’ve used in the past were applied onto a cotton ball and rubbed onto my skin, kind of as the finishing touch. The toner I bought from LUSH is called Eau Roma Water, perfect for dry, sensitive, or aging skin. There are only two active ingredients in this: rose and lavender which have been used for thousands of years to treat redness and dryness. Rose is nourishing and cooling, while lavender helps your skin produce the right amount sebum oil to keep it suppler.

You can spray some of this onto a cotton ball and apply to your face as you would with most toners or, you can do what I do. I spritz about three pumps onto my face, which is light and refreshing! The other two products I use once or twice a week but after using Eau Roma Water every night, I've really noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin!

So, that's it! I'm happy with the LUSH products I got on my first trip!
Do you use any LUSH products? Let me know your favorites! :)

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Leslie said...

I had no idea that LUSH had a facial line!! These products look great...may have to give them a try!
I have used their bath balls was hot pink and had glitter in it. It smelled awesome and left my skin soft but left a whole lot of glitter in my bath tub!

Bethany Scruggs said...

I love reading product reviews!! Now I want all of this stuff ASAP. grrr. hahaha.

Aimee L said...

Oooh, that Ultrabland stuff sounds amazing! But you said you use your Clarisonic to wash your face initially? My fear with using the Clarisonic at night is that it pushes the makeup/dirt etc into pores...generally I use either my fingers or a facial cloth to wash my face at night and use the Clarisonic in the morning! I wonder if that could be part of it? Either way I'd be dying to try that stuff!!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I have loved Lush for years - my favorite is their bath bombs... they make my skin feel so good and smell delicious :) I have used a few of their facial products too!

Olga said...

I want to try ALL of these things! Unfortunately there's not Lush store near me so I'd have to order online. Boo :/

For the Record

jessica said...

a couple of my friends and i went into LUSH last october when we were in dallas but i was a little overwhelmed and they were super busy so we didn't stay long but i remember it smelled absolutely amazing. you could smell the store from the other side of the mall, even. i definitely wanna go back and find a good hand scrub. good review, thanks for the tips. :)

The Management said...

The purple Lush Daddy-o shampoo has been amazing on my blonde hair. It's perfect for keeping the brassiness away.

Donna said...

I like Lush's bath bombs. They're so awesome. Those products you reviewed sound really nice. Every summer I go back to Massachusetts to visit my family and I make sure to go to my old mall there in part because it has a Lush store!

Raquel said...

I LOVE Lush!! Everytime I go to Georgetown or anywhere where there's one, I always have to go in haha. These products sound amazing though. I must try them!

I love all their bath melts and bath bombs. Some of them even come with fun things inside. Like for Valentine's Day, they have a bath bomb shaped like a frog, and when you put it in your tub, it has a prince inside! haha so cute! My favorite one is called the Sex bomb lol. It has rose petals inside and it smells heavenly!

Katrin said...

I love the Handy Gurugu hand cream! Amazing stuff!

Kristen said...

oh wow, i gotta try these!

Alex said...

I love the lush beauty bombs or whatever they're called. They make my showers seem extra special :)

Anonymous said...

There IS a Lush near you! At Pentagon City Mall on the first floor next to the food court! Plus one in Georgetown on the corner of M and 31st, across from Pottery Barn...AND one in Tyson's and finally one in Montgomery Mall in Bethesda!

Your welcome :)

Anonymous said...

There IS a Lush near you! At Pentagon City Mall on the first floor next to the food court! Plus one in Georgetown on the corner of M and 31st, across from Pottery Barn...AND one in Tyson's and finally one in Montgomery Mall in Bethesda!

You're welcome :)

Colette said...

Thanks to this review, I had my first visit to LUSH when I went to Vegas this week. I ended up bringing home three products to try -- I posted about them on my blog today.

Oh, and if there's not a LUSH near you, I found out you can order online!