Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Smoothie Machine

It's time to talk about food. I don't love the word "diet." I do love the idea of changing the way you eat. I'm all for trying new things and finding what works for you!

This year, I'm starting a new nutrition discipline. Nothing crazy, but I've just decided to be more mindful of what I'm putting into my body. I'll go out to eat a meal on the weekends but always pack a healthy lunch for work and eat rather healthy dinners too. My weakness has always been sweets. More specifically, chocolate. Sigh...

So, all of that is changing - starting now! Byebye chocolate :( Hello healthy lifestyle!
I'm filling my "diet" with even more fruits and veggies and protein. AND, the best part of it all, I'll be having one green smoothie a day!

The first green smoothie I made about a year ago was a disaster. I accidentally bought mustard greens at the store instead of kale. Not recommended. Talk about a spicy smoothie! 

Green Smoothies

Great source of vitamins and minerals!
You'll have more energy!
Rich in fiber and easy to digest!
Low in calories but high in awesome nutrients!
Cleanses and detoxifies!
Boosts your immune system and mental performance!

And those are just a few of the benefits! I started my green smoothie-ing yesterday and I'll be keeping track of how I'm feeling all week. While eating super healthy, I'll also be making more of a constant effort to drink as much water as I can! 

I have this Thermos Intak water bottle that I've adored ever since the day I bought it. I love the way the water flows out of it AND the little notch on the side allows me to keep track of how many times I've filled up. I admit, I've challenged myself many times to see how often I could fill it up. It keeps things fun :)

If you're trying to drink more water throughout the day, I highly recommend getting a water bottle to keep with you at work to refill throughout the day. Plus, it's better than using regular plastic water bottles! Keep the Earth clean, my friends :)

So, here's a recap:

No more sweets
More water
Fruits and veggies galore
Protein via Greek yogurt, egg whites, etc.
Green Smoothie Machine!

Have you been on a green smoothie kick before? Send me your yummy recipes! There are so many and I want to know your favorites!


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

I just finished my green machine for breakfast! They're actually pretty yummy. I know that if I could cut out the sweets I would be a million miles closer to my goal level of health....but it's just so hard for me.

Kate said...

I had a green smoothie for breakfast today! It didn't turn green though because of the berries - it was pomegranate juice, mixed berries, a banana, and spinach. Very sweet but really yummy and less bothersome for the people watching me drink it. I've also used broccoli before but you have to pair it with strong fruit ingredients or it tastes a little like broccoli.

Aimee L said...

Wow lady, you are ba-rave for totally nixing sweets out of your diet!! I would never be able to do that!! LOL! Too important to me, and plus, personally I feel like it's a setup for failure!

In any event my favorite green smoothie recipe can be found's basically pineapple/banana/organic yogurt and sooooo good!!

Shayna said...

Way to go girlfriend! I haven't tried any green smoothies yet but, I have protein/fruit smoothies all of the time! I've been wanting to find a good green smoothie so I will be trying this one very soon!

I too have been (for a while now) trying to really watch what I'm putting into my body & how it effects me. There's something about eating cleaner & leaner that just makes you feel better physically & mentally! I've found a lot of wonderful recipes from & just found another foodie blog, Eat Yourself Skinny! Have a happy Monday friend!!!

Lauren said...

Jon makes one of these every day. He always puts in spinach, frozen strawberries, and a banana but other than that he tosses in whatever we have around. I never drink the drinks he makes, but only because I'm allergic to bananas. I love other green smoothies I've tried, I just don't have the patience to make them on the regular.

Anonymous said...

I think everything in moderation is a much better approach to a "diet" (I don't like that word either, I'd rather prefer "lifestyle change") than to completely nix things out. Your body needs sugar and sweets, whether it's in the form of chocolate or fruit. Having a peice of chocolate after your meal a day won't put you back any, if anything chocolate, especially dark, is great for your heart (again in moderation). Your lifestyle change sounds great, but I would suggest rethinking completely cutting out sweets...unless of course there is some sort of health reason for it?

Stephanie said...

Ah I just got my first juicer and am HOOKED!! I've already had 3 this week!! Mine weren't completely green but they did all have a little spinach in them. My favorite one so far was apples, peaches, strawberries, carrots and spinach. YUM-MO!

I need recipes though!! What all do you put in your green one?!