Friday, April 6, 2012

You Could Win Something

...but not yet. Exactly one week from today (Friday the 13th, oh yes) I will be hosting a stellar giveaway! I figured since we're closing in on almost 500 readers (wow, you guys are awesome!) it was time to thank you all for being so wonderful :)

So, what do ya say? Are you as excited as I am? (You better be because I don't even get a chance at winning this giveaway!)

The closer I get to 500 followers, the more hints I'll give out regarding what it could possibly be! 

Now, for the fun part. What do you think I'll be giving away?
A. Beauty Product
B. Food
C. Clothing
D. Jewelry

Perhaps it's NONE of the above OR it could be ALL of the above! Hmmm... ;)

Moving on. I'm also starting a new feature that I'll post every so often. I LOVE jewelry. Love is an understatement. I feel like we've already touched on this topic so I'll just leave it at that. Because of my love for jewelry and Etsy, this new feature will highlight a different shop that I've come to love recently! I figured it would be a fun way to spread the Etsy love and share with you some new places to buy from!

If you're into big, chunky jewelry like I am, you're going to love Wasabihot on Etsy. She has tons of fun necklaces in her shop with many different colors and textures. By using many different chains, beads, pearls, and charms the looks she creates are all one-of-a-kind. AND the majority of her pieces are under $50! Here are some example of her work:

1 | 2 |

Be sure to check out her shop for more fun, unique, and colorful jewelry!

Are you an Etsy lover too?

Don't forget - be here or be square next Friday for your chance to WIN :) Wishing you all a happy, safe, and beautiful Easter weekend!

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Lindsey said...

Happy Easter to you love!! Those necklaces are gorgeous and I can't believe you are almost to 500 (i mean, I can because you are awesome), but I remember when you were just a wee little baby blogger just starting out ... NOT TOO LONG AGO BTW!!! Congrats!!!!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I love those necklaces!
Going to check out her shop now :)

AND congrats for almost reaching 500...HUGE deal!

Enjoy your Easter weekend, girl!

Raquel said...

Love those necklaces!! I'm in need of some fun, statement pieces.

Have a wonderful Easter and weekend!

Raquel said...

Love those necklaces!! I'm in need of some fun, statement pieces.

Have a wonderful Easter and weekend!

Sheri said...

Awesome! I LOVE jewelry so much too! I am going to guess jewelry is going to be involved in your giveaway.
; )

These pieces are gorgeous!