Monday, April 30, 2012

In the Blink of an Eye

It's time to get real for a minute. It's been a while. You know how sometimes life just changes? "In the blink of an eye, drop of a hat" kind of way. I feel like that's kind of just been the story of my life this year. So, in that sense, nothing has changed. Except it has.

Confused yet? Me too. My life is crazy-confusing and, as of late, it's been totally unpredictable and I've just been crossing my fingers that things will work out well. Whatever "well" means. But here's what I've learned to be more and more true every time: My idea of something working out well is entirely different from God's idea of something working out well. His plan and His timing are so true and perfect. And it's in those moments when "life just changes" that I know it's His hand.

Or maybe you relate more with The Byrds: "For everything there is a season."

Anyway, my life is being shaped each day. Old doors are being shut and new ones are being opened. New [and better] opportunities can be found in disappointments. AND [here's one thing that I have truly learned]:

I've found some of my greatest inspiration during the hard times. Because, the truth is, at the end of the day you can either let the hard times get the best of you or you can take control and continue along the path that's been created for you - no matter how long and hilly it may be. God will lead you to it and He will help you through it.

I'm ready and willing and excited for the things to come in my life; the things I already know about and the things that are still unknown. One of the things that I know about I'll be sharing with you on here very soon :)

I have a feeling I'm going to be sharing a lot of things from my heart on here in the next little bit. There's been a lot on my heart and maybe, just maybe, some of you will relate :)


Jenn said...

I think everything you said in this post is totally 100% true. I'm glad that you see it, bc I think as soon as you realize these things, life gets that much easier to go through (still with difficulties, but you at least know there's a purpose for it). If that even makes sense.
Overall,I love this post and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures :)

Katie said...

I've said it before but you are so optimistic and I love your outlook. I ADORE that quote so so's so true. I would really love an update on your life..I have a feeling I know but just wanted to make sure. Email me when you can love!!

Olga said...

I can definitely relate! During those testing times, we need to just get back up and be strong!

The Management said...

Oh, I relate to this.

Nothing ever turns out quite like it's planned, and that's just the way it goes, right?

It can be hard but you just have to trust it's going to be okay.

Amanda said...

You are such an optimist and I love it. I am a new follower and I think it’s really great to see others with such a great outlook on life.

Alex said...

Things are always changing, aren't they? But things are changing for the better, I hope. And they'll continue to change and make you an even better person than you already are :)