Friday, April 20, 2012

That Time I Went to Vegas

Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be leaving for one of my favorite places - Las Vegas! I like that city for reasons other than most people since I don't party nor do I really gamble. Vegas has so much to offer everyone [yes, even kids, although the options are a bit more limited.] But, honestly... I love the city for its splendor, its variety, its uniqueness. Like Disney, there's really nowhere else on Earth quite like Vegas. The list of things to do, see, and places to go seems to be endless and each trip there is entirely different from the last.

So, I figured it was about time to talk about my last venture to Las Vegas. Now, of course, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? So you'll just be getting a basic run-down :) Mainly just lots of pictures!

Let me just start off by saying there was a boy involved in this trip. Some of you may recognize him :)

I arrived on Saturday morning [my birthday] and we immediately headed off to one of the greatest places ever created - In-N-Out Burger. Because I have to fly to the other side of the country just to eat there. Just kidding. But not really.

After that, we went over to The Venetian [one of my favorites] and walked around a little and just enjoyed the scenery on the beautiful, sunny day. 

Probably the best picture ever taken of me, yes? The sun and breeze were doing great things for me…

Before I flew out to Vegas, we had decided that we HAD to see one of the Cirque du Soleil shows while we were there and bought tickets for Ka at MGM Grand. So, that was on the agenda for later. We got dressed up for a night out on the town to celebrate my birthday. We had to get sushi. Had to! I had looked up a couple different places with good reviews that were close to the Strip but when we showed up to one, the wait was too long and we'd be pushing it too close for the show. We both hopped on our phones to see what other sushi restaurants were close by and found a place called Sushi 21. He called over to see what their wait looked like - nada. 

I can officially say that Sushi 21 has the best sushi I've ever tasted before, and probably now ties with Tadashi in La Jolla, California. Sushi 21 has this amazing dish called "Japanese Lasagna." Mmmm! We ordered a TON of sushi, as we always do and then headed off to MGM Grand for the big show.

I absolutely LOVE getting dressed up and going to shows. I love the whole experience of it. We arrived at the Ka Theatre and found our seats [that were super close to the stage!] So, we're sitting there and I'm looking around at the set which extends out into the audience and then out of nowhere, performers start swinging around above us and making some crazy "tribal" noises.

The show started soon after and it was just amazing. Like most Cirque shows, there were those nail-biting moments where you were almost scared to watch the stunts taking place. The set was absolutely unreal. If you watched Bachelor Pad 2, you might remember the episode in Vegas where they had to perform the choreography on that insanely huge vertical wall. That scene during Ka was so impressive. I think the entire audience was holding their breath throughout that scene as performers fought and fell and battled one another, suspended far up into the air. Ka was amazing and I recommend it to anyone visiting Las Vegas!

It was a wonderful birthday :)

Since I'll be in Vegas this weekend through Tuesday, I'll be sharing the rest of my [January] trip and pictures with you then so be sure to tune in again after the weekend :) So, tell me fellow Vegas-goers, what are YOUR favorite Vegas hot-spots?

And now, it’s time to announce the winner of the $50 Shabby Apple giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! It seems like Shabby Apple sure is in high demand and, who knows, maybe we’ll be having some more giveaways in the near future. So, congratulations to…
Whitney from Everything Happens for a Reason! Yay! I'll put Shabby Apple in touch with you :)


Kate said...

I've never been to Vegas but it looks like a ton of fun! Are you seeing that boy again this trip? And holy yum that sushi looks amazing!

CM said...

I love that you compare Vegas to Dinsey -- I do the same thing! People complain about both the same way: the heat, the noise, the crowds, the expense. I see it as pretty lights, splendor, tons of emotion, etc. Always two ways to look at things, why not pick the good ones?

I'd highly recommend Hubert Keller's Fleur at Mandalay Bay for food. It's a bit pricey, but it's tapas style and you can get away with sharing only a few plates. I will never regret paying $3.00 for a bowl of popcorn - best popcorn ever.

*Viva Elvis!* is a really fun Cirque show at Aria (in the new City Center).

I also really love the gardens at Bellagio and Wynn.

Plenty of non-gambling, non-partying stuff to do!

Katie said...

OH GIRL have so much fun!!! I want to jetset off like you! ;) Cute pics...that sushi looks to.die.for. yummmmm!

K_stets said...

VEGAS!!!! And just as a 7:30 this morning it was about 75 out!!! :)

I really think you picked the perfect weekend to come here...just remember the sunscreen.

p.s. who is this boy?

Shayna said...

Have fun in Vegas! I love that city also! I love going down town at night & watching the light show! Awesomeness!

Miss K said...

i also love vegas, it's like a whole new world

Elizabeth said...

Even as many times as I've visited Vegas to see Grandma, I've never done the Vegas experience. I'm glad to see the "good times" being remembered ;)

Hope you have a GREAT trip!

Leanna Vera said...

That last trip looks like so much fun and now you've got me craving sushi! I hope you have an amazing time in Vegas!

Raquel said...

Love all the pictures! have SO much fun in Vegas girl!! :)

Courtney B said...

SO FUN! We only live a couple hours away from Vegas and we love to go play! We don't party or gamble but we stay busy doing FUN things! And there is so much good food there :)
I have yet to see a Cirque show but next time we go down, we are totally seeing a show!

Anonymous said...

omg i love vegas and this makes me want to go back so bad!

Sheri said...

You look gorgeous! I went to Vegas for the first time last year, a Vegas virgin! haha.. I loved it! My hubby and I had so much fun it was ridiculous. We went to Lavo for dinner one night, it was awesome.

I loved going to Serendipity and sitting outside while we ate. Enjoying the weather and people watching. So fun! Mostly we just walked and walked and walked some more. Looks like you had fun, thanks for sharing!

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Looks like such a wonderful trip! I've never been to Vegas before :/ Definitely wanna go though!

I can't wait to pick out a dress from Shabby Apple. I've been admiring their dresses for a long time, I'm excited!