Thursday, April 19, 2012

Journey Forward {10}

As I sit and think about what holds me back from reaching my true potential, there is one thing that almost automatically comes to mind. Comparing myself to others. Whether strangers, acquaintances, or friends I've known for years, it's difficult to always shut out what other people have or do.

Sure, there's the occasional time where I see something on Facebook {the one time a month when I login} and I'm like, "What the heck? They just bought an Audi?!" And my immediate thought is, 'what do they do for a living?' In reality, I would personally never want to spend that much money on a brand new car. I've seen how people park next to you and how people drive. That thing would be dented up in a matter of weeks. But even more importantly, I would rather put that money into something more valuable in my life - such as travel. Luckily, I've never been one to do much spending. I'd rather hold out for what's really important to me.

Entering the blog world less than a year ago has certainly had an effect on me comparing myself to others. If you read blogs regularly, although you probably don't know the person in real life, after a while you grow to "know" them through reading and perhaps communicating via email/Twitter, etc. Well, I would see pictures of people's homes, and I would start longing for a home of my own. I'd see these beautiful skirts people were sewing and wished I knew how to do that too.

That's when I start to compare. The truth is, those things don't match up and they never will. It's not fair to myself to compare my life to the lives of others.

At the end of the day, I know in my heart that God/The Universe wrote my story differently. In the moments where I compare myself, I'm surrounded by doubt and uncertainty. But, in the moments where I can say, "It's okay. This is my story and I trust that it's being written this way for a reason," I find peace and hope. We each have our own strengths and I know it's more important to focus on the talents I was given rather than what I don't have.

And for those of you who DO write about your love stories or your latest projects around the house, don't stop. I enjoy reading those blogs. They keep me inspired and hopeful and the good part is, you're writing your story and that's all that matters! :) We can learn from others and their experiences, but comparing can be harmful. There's a difference between being inspired to learn how to sew and getting upset because you don't know how.

I think the most dangerous part of comparing is that it can mess with the deepest desires of your heart. Our focus can easily be shifted away from what truly matters most to us. Just because someone else has something or does something, does not mean you have to do or have the same thing. It's a lesson I'm sure we were taught when we were younger but it's something I can most definitely still apply to life today. As I strive to become, I want to get in touch with the things I truly need. In order to do that, I must not compare :)

Here's to becoming what I'm meant to become. Here's to having the things that have been placed in my life - the events, the people, the opportunities, the disappointments, the talents.

What things set you back in accomplishing what you want to accomplish?

Next week for Journey Forward:

Write several positive affirmations for yourself and your journey. Take this week's post into consideration when writing them. Lift yourself. Think happy and good thoughts that will fill you with positivity. And most importantly, believe them.

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Katie Price said...

I really like what you said "Here's to having the things that have been placed in my life." What a comforting reminder that there is a plan and reason in how things happen. I needed these words this morning, thank you.

Katrin said...

Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful post!

Leanna Vera said...

I can get caught up in competing with others as well...especially on Facebook and in the blog world. I always try to remind myself that many people only share the positive on social media and share away from sharing the harder and more private issues they're dealing with.

I think you're making great progress with your goals and your blog is so inspirational to me. You shouldn't feel like you need to compete with anyone!

CALLIE said...

So, So, So True!! WE all need this reminder for sure. It is really really hard not to compare in this blogging world.

Miss K said...

this is definitely something that i struggle w as well. i have such a full life and i'm so happy, but i still compare myself to others. thanks for the post, i really needed a reminder!

Carolyn said...

I think this is something that every blogger deals with... at least I know that I do!

I also need to mention... you are an amazing writer!!! Seriously. The way you can put your thoughts into words is inspiring. :) Keep doing what you do!!

Shayna said...

I can't tell you just how much this hit home for me! Such a great post! Thanks for the reminder, we all need this at times!

Andrea D said...

Wow, this is right along the same lines of what I've been struggling with this week. And I JUST posted some similar thoughts today! I've found that, especially since I just graduated from college, comparing myself to my peers is SO easy to do. But my aspirations are so different from theirs and you're right, you don't really know a person based on their Facebook page or their blog. Thanks for the great words of wisdom :)

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

Kate said...

I hate that we all seem to struggle with this so much - but somehow we all seem to. It's too easy to fall into that trap of lining ourselves up to other people and trying to figure out why we don't have what they do and we want. I get sucked in too and it's never a good feeling.

Sometimes it helps me to remember that there's so much more to me than what I put out there on the internet. I have had people make judgements about me based on things I've blogged about or said on Twitter and I really hated that feeling so I try to keep it in mind when I read other people's blogs and think "I want that" or "how is that fair?? I should have that!"

Unfortunately, sometimes I just have to put some space between myself and the people I start to get too used to comparing myself to. It's just not worth letting myself keep up that bad habit! It's hard, especially when you feel like you "know" someone, but my emotional well being is worth more than that.

This week's post was hard - which means I really needed it! Thank you for these!!!

Amanda C. said...

I think we are all guilty of this at some level. I know that I am.

Amanda Julia said...

Great post, Chelsea. I have been thinking the same thing, and its nice to know other people do that too, and that you have to remind yourself that you are on your own path :)