Monday, December 19, 2011

Through Our Own Eyes

If you know me, you know I’m a firm-believer in everything happening for a reason. I believe that God/a Higher Power/The Universe have created our story and it’s up to us to write it through our own eyes. I also believe that nothing is just a coincidence.

On Saturday, I was at the gym running. Now, when I go to the gym on a weekday, I always go around the same time and see all the “regulars.” However, I had never been before at this time on a Saturday. It was just me and a bunch of strangers {oh, and some people I went to high school with.}

There I was, on the treadmill, looking around, glancing up every so often at the TV’s and then doing a little people watching. I saw a man walk in front of me. He was probably in his early thirties.

The first thing I noticed: his eye was watering to the point where he took his finger and discreetly wiped the area underneath his eye.

The next thing I noticed: something seemed wrong with his eye. I’m not an expert on eye conditions, but it seemed as though he might be {at least partially} blind in that eye.

I watched as he left the gym. My heart was heavy. I wanted to cry.

I had no idea why but I was just overcome with emotion.

I know in the Spring when my allergies get bad, it’s common for my eyes to just start watering like crazy when I’m out in public. I tend to feel kind of silly. But, that was just because of allergies. Chances are, this man had a condition that was much worse. I put myself in his shoes for a moment. I tried to imagine what his work-out had been like - what it’s like to be him each day - if it’s common for his eyes to water up - if it hurts. As I watched him leave, that was when it hit me – while I’m thankful for SO many of the little things, I’m so truly grateful for the BIG things as well.

My vision. My eyes.


Health. Shelter. Food. Family and friends. Being alive.

I don’t know when my time here will be up; when my last page will be turned, and that scares me. But, I want to make my time here count. I want to make a difference. In a world of so much terror and evil, I want to find the beauty.

Maybe I’ll see that man again. Maybe he’ll become a “regular.” Or, perhaps, he was like that of an angel. Maybe our paths were meant to cross just that one instance. Either way, I’m grateful for the people who help me see the beauty in this world… especially through tragedy.


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Pay attention to the things you see today, even if it is through someone else’s eyes…


Katie said...

oh my rock. You are so incredibly sweet! So touching Chelsea. I often see/wonder things too when people watching and it does really help to put into perspective how blessed we really are.

jessica dukes said...

this is awesome and i so agree!

CupcakesOMG! said...

okay, now i feel like a terrible person. but seriously, those kind of moments can literally change your life. great story!


Shalyn said...

Love this post so much! Made me a little teary eyed over here in my cubicle. <3

P.s.) You may want to go read Katie's blog today. ;)


Jenn said...

Very nice post--I feel the same way (everything happens for a reason) and I love when moments happen that really make you appreciate the things that you have. We spend so much time focusing on what's going wrong in our lives, we need moments to make us appreciate all of the good stuff!
Thanks for this post :)

Lauren said...

I love this post! It's so sweet! You never know what others are going through! :( Great post!

whitney said...

man, you are good.

this is such a good reminder to stop and thinking about things differently!!

Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

First, you are on a ROLL with these blog giveaways!!! :) Go you!

Second, you are so talented with your words. Your posts are worded so beautifully and are really touching. I know that people read your posts and really come away with a new/enlightened perspective! :) Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

Raquel said...

I love this Chelsea! It definitely made me thankful for my great health and all the privileges I have as well :)

Rebecca said...

So insightful! You've inspired me to be grateful for the many blessings in my life!

Lindsey said...

wow! Loved this Chels. You have such an amazing heart. :) XOXO

Ashley said...

such an awesome post chelsea! i saw several handicapped people this weekend in the mall and my heart felt heavy are so right that we take such things for rock!

Tiffany said...

Oh wow, I'm a new follower and this is beautiful! I often remind myself when I'm running to be thankful for the ability to run---even when it hurts and I'm tired--because there are so many people who would love to be able to do what I'm doing!


Lib at Truly His said...

Beautiful post!!

Amanda Julia said...

Hi Chelsea,

I am a new follower to your blog, and a brand new blogger myself. I really liked your story because I do the same thing. I normally don't like that "heavy heart" feeling, but i think it is the weight of those little reminders that things could be so much worse. You did a really good job expressing that moment :)


Gina said...

Wow, this is a gorgeous post...such a great story. It really reminded me of the little things. I get crazy watery eyes during allergy season, so I can relate to where you're coming from. Thanks for sharing this. It's so true and thoughtful. And it really opened my eyes.

xo, gina