Friday, December 16, 2011

Blogger Blitz DC

It’s finally time to do a re-cap of the fabulous blogger meet-up I went to this past weekend! Blogger Blitz DC was organized by the fabulous Alison over at Long Distance Loving! She made snazzy name tags and even a directory with everyone’s pictures, Twitter handles, and blog addresses!



Here was my OOTN, in case you didn’t already see it on Twitter!
I bought those boots months ago and finally took a picture in them. LOVE them!


We all met up that evening at a posh little spot in DC called Urbana. Whitney, Erica, and I met up and drove over together. Good thing we did because parking in DC was scarce, Metro was apparently horrendous, oh and also because I just adore the two of those girls :) Anyway, once we got to Urbana everyone mixed, mingled, and talked about all sorts of fun things like our blogs {duh}, where we grew up, and our NYE plans. {So excited to finally spill the news on what I’ll be doing… but you’ll have to keep waiting! Although some of you already know…}

I got to be reunited with some of my in-real-life friends, finally met some bloggers I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time now {shout out to Ashley!}, and met many new bloggers whose blogs I now adore!

Ashlyn. Raquel. Whitney. Me. Ashley.

Oh, and while we were at the meet-up, Alison gave away TWO beautiful Spike the Punch necklaces. Whit and Ashley were the lucky winners :) Maybe they passed a little of their luck onto me for the future?

Shannon. Me. Whitney.

The two hours flew by! I wish I had the chance to chat with every single blogger that was there, but sadly, I didn’t. Which means we’ll all just have to get together again soon, right? :)

The blogging community is truly such an amazing thing and it is a huge blessing in my life. At first it started out as a place for me to write, grew into me having conversations via email with other bloggers, then chatting through Twitter, and now I even get to meet bloggers in real life! I’ve met ladies who I KNOW are going to be life-long friends and there are still many of you who I still want to {and better!} meet one day :) Another great thing is meeting bloggers all over the country {and world} so if you’re ever in their city, you can plan something together {right, Jenna?}

So, DC bloggers – let’s start going on some blates! Seriously.
You never know… we could become new best friends :)

Again, I’m so glad to have met so many of you! It’s amazing to see how many bloggers are in the area. Thank you, Alison for putting this all together! Your creativity and extra, little touches never go unnoticed!

By the way, it’s the last weekend before Christmas! I should probably start shopping, huh?

p.s. last two pictures c/o Raquel. Can you imagine every one of us trying to take pictures? I decided I’d borrow :)


Ashley said...

Love the re-cap... and the shout-out! Woohoo :) So happy to finally meet you and so many other lovely DC ladies. We'll have to go out for drinks or dinner soon! Happy Friday, girlie.

CALLIE said...

So So jealous of all of these blogger meet ups and blates!! Maybe we could do one for the whole state of Mississippi down here hahaha!

Jenn said...

It was so much fun on Sunday! Hopefully we'll get a chance to chat more soon, and maybe have a blate? :)
Happy almost weekend!

Ashlyn said...

great recap chels! i loved meeting everyone it was such a blast! they def need to happen more often!

happy friday!


Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

LOVE your blazer!! And boots! (and the rest of your OOTN!) :)

jessica said...

OHmygosh girl you are stylin and profilin in your totally cute blazer & boots. i absolutely adore your outfit!

looks like you guys had such a great time!

Kristine said...

I'm so jealous of this blogger meet-up. I wish there was one organized in Seattle :( I'd do it but I'm too damn busy... story of my life.
Looks like a good time and I'm LOVING your outfit! ♥

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Ah love your outfit! Blogger meet up too how fun!

whitney said...

yeah we are all pretty awesome yeah?

i just wish i wasn't the giant.

next time i am sitting in all the pictures. and you can stand. and we can pretend it is an awkward family portrait?

ok cool.

Katie said...

this is so awesome! sounds like an amazing time. I'm jealous. I want to meet you and all those other ladies!!! fabulous.

Raquel said...

Love love looove! It was such a fun night!!

Miss K said...

how freaking fun!!!!

natasha {schue love} said...

The blogger meet up sounded so fun and I LOOVE your outfit! The blazer is fab! :)

Shannon Olson said...

This sounds like such a fun event and I love your outfit, so cute!

Tamara Nicole said...

Looks like so much fun, I've always wanted to join a blogger meetup! :-)

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

seriously cannot thank you enough for your sweet words, my dear. it made my DAY! can't wait to see you again soon...all my love, xoxo {av}

Cait said...

aww this is so cute :) i love the outfit girl! xo

Wegan said...

Aw that's awesome! :)

M x