Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Good Ole Days | Vol. Two

It’s time. Time for a flashback to my favorite decade – the 90’s. For those who may be new here, I’m a total 90’s girl. The 90’s was the first full decade of my life. I was old enough to wear jellies, slap bracelets, my favorite songs were most likely by The Real McCoy, and my favorite TV show was Full House . Since I have such a passion for the tackiest and most hilarious years in history, I’ll be doing this series to share some of my favorite bits and pieces. Maybe I’ll start a link-up for this? After all, I know I’m not the only 90’s lover!


90's Flowchart

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I have a great story about how I wore my jellies. Remind me to tell you one day.


Best. Game. Ever. Well, Oregon Trail II was the bomb.

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Fruit-scented marker, anyone?

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Totally normal.


american girl dolls samantha


My Barbies had the sweetest ride.


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Puppy Surprise!!! How many puppies will you get??



The only Christmas present I wanted in the 90’s. Especially in that silver jacket.

I have a little story for you before I share the last one. A couple weeks ago, my nephew was over visiting so we all went down in the basement and I turned on the Dance Central game for Kinect. In case you don’t know by now, the game has a ton of songs and dance moves that you’re told to mimic. While it’s not exactly “dancing” it’s a ton of fun and I decided to try out the dance to “Poison.”

Let me tell you… the dance moves were straight from 1990 and I was literally having the time of my life. You’ll have to try it to believe it. Yes, I know I’m a total nerd.
I decided I should bring back my dancing days and start taking classes again. This time, I’ll be taking old school hip-hop. I need to brush up on my Roger Rabbit. I’ll probably just go to a class I found some footage of on YouTube. Check it out
here. Please watch the guy in front. He kills it.

Oh, I also got my hair cut yesterday which I’m pretty excited about. First time since April. Don’t worry – I didn’t get a bowl cut or huge, wispy bangs. I keep my hair cuts pretty current with the times. All I’ll say for now is that it was Lauren Conrad-inspired :)

Hope I left you with a fun trip down Memory Lane today!


Lindsey said...




YES! I loved alllll of this. Full House was my favorite too. Oregon Trail made my life and PUPPY SURPRISE?? I posted about Puppy Suprise last Christmas. Santa brought my mine one year.

This was awesome!!! Do more of these posts!!!

p.s. I was just on Long Distance Loving and saw her pics from her bloggy meet-up. i was like the hell??? IS THAT CHELSEA!??? Then it was you!! So jealous of y'alls meet-up. You looked gorgeous (as usual).

HAPPY DAY! It's almost Friday!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE this post! I totally forgot about puppy surprise! I remember I got 3 puppies! And I totally rocked some jellies too!

Ashley said...

AHHH I am dying going down memory lane. Jellies were ALWAYS my shoe of choice. Puppy Surprise was amazing. Samantha and me were like BFF. Aaand just seeing JT dressed with in garland makes me want to listen to N'Sync's christmas songs ASAP. I love you for posting this!!!

Ashlyn said...

so um this flashback is auhmazing!
i loved me some jellies. & i remember when i got my very own samantha doll :]& oregon trail "you have malaria" -- that game is awesome.hah remember the game Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? -- i loved that game too.& NYSNC -- this guy in 7th grade wrote me these love notes & one day after I broke up with him he wrote me a pretty hard core one where he listed all the songs that made him miss me -- #1 God must have spent a litt more time on you. VOMIT! & too this day Home Alone is my all time favorite movie -- it will one day become a family tradition to watch it together! :]

thanks for bringing me back girl!

whitney said...


this is great. those markers. they bring back such fond memories of good times in school.

you forgot dream date...yeah??

Miss K said...

those are some great memories!

that game is so fun! i just played for the first time last week.

Jenn said...

1) I love that 90's picture
2) you have pretty much every love of mine from the 90's listed here. Talk about flashback! :)
3) I love this post :)

Mallory B said...


I loved the Justin Timberlake flashback photo. I still want him. And the old computer with Oregon Trail.

CupcakesOMG! said...

i literally know every single reference you've included here. very well done!


Britt said...

I loved Full House! My favorite.

Samantha was also my American Girl Doll of choice, next was Kirsten.

Fruit markers were da bomb!

Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

LOVE these flashback posts!! I love reminiscing about childhood! I had the Samantha doll! And Puppy Surprise!! I'm pretty sure mine had 6 or so puppies and I thought I'd won the lottery!!

Carolyn said...


Lindsay said...

Yes, yes and yes.

OMG I feel so old reading all of these things. I wanted an American Girl doll SO BAD when I was little, but my mom always said they were too expensive :(

Raquel said...

Omg this seriously sends me down memory lane!! Ahhhh I used to wear jellies ALL the time! And of course I had an American Girl doll, who didnt?! :)

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Oh my gosh this post made me so so soo happy! Eep jellies, puppy surprise, Samantha, andd the Oregon Trail.

Thanks for posting this :)

Also have you heard the Something Corporate song "Babies of the 80s". It pretty much reminds me of all these things

Marshall said...

hahahahaha!!! that post was awesome - and then topped off with a jt flashback at the end?! hysterical!

Val said...

Best post, ever.

Jenna said...

I loved this post!!! Puppy SURPRISE! OMG.

jenna, The Paleo Project

Michelle said...

Yesterday I was at the mall with a gf and got knocked into (Christmas rush?!) but my first reaction was "How Rude" then when my friend started giggling I said "Cut it out" (include the hand motions) and my friend totally didn't get it...