Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas List Shopping

As I mentioned last week, I have a few things that are definitely on my Christmas list. It’s been extremely hard for me to decide on what I want this year or to even give my family an idea of what I’d like {other than a MAC gift card, duh!} Luckily, everyone in my family does their Christmas shopping late so I have a few more days to figure it all out. However, this weekend I made it to the mall to do a little browsing in hopes of finding some things I like. Anyone else do this?

First of all, I went into the perfume section at Macy’s only to find out they didn’t have any of the little tester cards and some of their bottles were completely empty. Needless to say, I was not entirely thrilled when the sales lady proceeded to ask me what I’m looking for {“I’m just browsing”} and what my favorite perfume is {“Gee, I just have so many”} – if I want help, I ask for it. Sephora was much more accommodating although I felt a bit foolish when I busted out my pen to write the fragrance names on each of the cards I had sprayed. I think I may have finally found a winner for this year’s new fragrance. I think.

I also tried on a bunch of clothes at the mall! This is huge for me, folks. This girl hardly ever shops and, when I do, I find one {maybe two} items I like enough to try on. The best part? I even liked some of the clothes enough to want them for Christmas.


Apparently I wear a lot of oranges and browns.

Oh, and H&M is officially my new favorite store. I forgot how much I loved that place after living without one in Utah for so long. Now, if only they’d open a Buckle around here! That was my new favorite store out West :(


You guys, I’m starting to like the suede elbow patch trend. I do not know why.

I ended up finding a flannel in colors that are actually in my color palette {unfortunately, bright blue and red are not} so I went with that one instead of the shirt above.

I ended up going back to the mall later that night to purchase the items I had added to my Christmas list. {Thanks, Mom and Dad!} While I hate that I can’t see or wear the clothes until after Christmas, it was such a great feeling to know I have some new threads to look forward to! It has certainly been a while!

There’s just something magical about the mall at Christmas time. The soft music in the background, all the holiday sparkle, and carrying a million bags around. We lucked out with no lines or traffic. That always helps :)


Lauren said...

I have absolutely nothing on my Christmas list this year... It's sad. Clothes are out for the obvious reason, and that's usually my go-to. So excited for you and some new clothes though - I love wearing new outfits :)

Katie said...

I'm obsessed with H&M too girl. I bought a couple sweaters with the elbow patches on them (from there) and love them too. I'm not so sure why either. hmm..

are you still on twitter? I feel like we haven't tweeted in a while haha

Ashley said...

Love H&M! I'm also really loving your outfit... elbow patches and all :) Haha! New outfits are the best Christmas gifts. You're making me want to shop, girlfriend!

Torie said...

Aw, I hope you enjoy your new Christmas attire when you finally get your hands on it! I love browsing to expand my list, but sometimes I can't stop myself from buying some of it on the spot (what if it's all out by the time someone else tries to buy it for you?!). Christmas music is the best. I hope you get your fill of it in the next few weeks to make life more joyful!

Hollie Ann said...

I love elbow patches! And the buckle! We don't have one out here but they have it in Michigan!

Ashlyn said...

i have such a small christmas list -- i actually sent mine to my mom tonight! i really want a heated mattress pad :]

i love the buckle. that store gets me into t r o u b l e.

katie.michelle said...

Ahh how fun! I adore H&M, too. I call it my mecca! haha

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I have never been in H&M... I'm dying to go! I wish they'd open one in Memphis!!