Friday, January 17, 2014

Life Update: Onto State Number Four

Oh, hello. Forget about me? This is for sure the longest I've gone without consistently blogging. And this is the obligatory post where I update you/tell you what I've been up to while I have clearly not been blogging.

The biggest update is: I'm moving (as I mentioned in my last post over a week ago.)

What's even better is that I'm moving to (yet) another state! Moving from state-to-state is one of my favorite things to do, didn't ya know?! You're not going to believe me when I say that this time, I'm not moving across the United States as I've done every-flipping-other-time. Nope, I'm moving one state away!

[the best scene from Wedding Crashers]

And here's a little back-tracking for those of you who can't keep up with me. It happens. I forgive you. I moved to San Diego last year and then moved back to the East Coast in November where I did some hopping around for my life coaching business purposes. Yes, I moved all the way out to California with the intention of staying there forever. BUT, once I decided to start life coaching, and found THE most perfect certification program to become a part of (that is based out of Orlando, FL) I realized that the Universe was taking me on a different path!

So, back to the East Coast I went, dropped Stella off at my dad's in Northern VA, and ventured to Florida where I met my beautiful Orlando life coaching family. You can read a little about that lovely time of mine here. Class and coaching continue now from afar (gotta love technology, right?) so I was able to spend some time in NY/NJ before starting work in the DC area (Maryland, to be exact.)

As some of you may know by now, I have a love/hate relationship with my home state of Virginia (I almost typed "my home state of Northern Virginia" because, well, Northern VA is not Virginia ;) So, deep down, I knew settling down in Virginia just was not going to happen. Through work and new friends and a whole lot of real estate research, I decided on moving to a lovely up-and-coming city just 5 miles from D.C.

Apparently it's like a "thing" that if you're from Virginia, you don't cross the river and move into MD and if you're from Maryland, you don't cross the river and move into VA. State rivalry, I suppose. Welp, I tend to march to the beat of my own drum and have fallen in love with Maryland! So, I'm doing it!

I'll finally be moving into a hi-rise like I've dreamt of! I'll have Metro one block away, shops, town centers, (Trader Joe's AND Whole Foods) parks, restaurants, you name it, bam... right there! I'll have a new city (and state!) to explore, and a new place to make my own and call home!

So, this is where my energy has been focused lately. In buying new furniture and decor to make my place as "me" as possible! To getting all furniture ordered, 
deliveries set-up, and move-in arrangements made. I'll try to write periodically and, eventually, once everything is ready to go, I might do a home tour :) Here's to change, new opportunities, and moving to new states! Oh, and maybe some new shoes? ;)

[ShoesbyKat on Etsy!]

I've always been a sucker for that Maryland flag. I'm 100% ready to become a Marylander! Get ready for posts about my new journey, places I find and love, and some awesome Maryland traditions. Also, Marylanders, what are your recommendations for me? What are some must-sees and must-dos? :)


Jenn @ A Country Girl's World said...

YAY!!! I live in MD :) Northern MD near PA in Harford County but if you need suggestions, I've been pretty much everywhere in the state! What area are you moving to?

Jenn said...

LOTS of luck on this move! I'm one of the few Marylanders that made the "trek" from MD to VA. I still have friends who say I live "far away" when I'm like "it takes 25 minutes!" haha. You won't have to pay property tax in MD--win!
You are So right that NoVa is NOT Virginia lol.
Can't wait to hear/read about your next adventures!!

Miss Chelsea said...

I spent some time in Maryland last year when LT was working there... I enjoyed it! Good luck on the move

Sweet Love and Ginger said...

My mm lived in MD for several years. The only thing i remember from summer visits is ocean city. Can't wait to see what comes next for you!

LMB said...

So glad you're back !!!
Love to hear about your travels !

lb from South Ga.

Gayle said...

I moved from Southern Maryland to Alexandria. People are pretty hostile about it. hahaha I'd be happy to give recommendations for your area -- what city are you moving to?

Holly said...

So excited for you! I hope the move goes well!

Ash said...

ummm it sounds absolutely necessary that i (or a combination of we/us/CA folks) come visit you!!!!!! cant wait to see photos!

Abbey said...

Congrats on the newness! I hope you find tons of happiness in Maryland. I've been in Northern Virginia since 2006...for school and then finally settling here for the time being for work. Once the boyfriend and I figure out where we want to venture off to, it'll be outta this area, which will be a nice change! There will be things that I miss about the area, but many things...not so much. :) So happy for you though and sending good vibes your way!

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Mel Vegas said...

I was born and raised in MD and am getting ready to move to AZ. I was reading about your adventures moving east to west and it made me so excited!

Hope you like MD more than I do! :]