Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Birthday, New Page

Another year older today. Having a birthday just after all of the holidays is pretty chaotic most years. You have gratitude in November, Christmas blessings in December, followed by a whole lot of reflecting back on what changes to make for the New Year. There's the baking and gifting and familying and friending. Then, bam, it's my birthday. It's never really the New Year that propels me forward. It's my birthday. Turning the page over into a new age is always a huge time of reflection for me. But even more so, it's a huge time of action for me.

photography by J. Poling

A lot of changes have happened in my life since my birthday last year. Last year was a really difficult birthday for me. I had just moved to California by myself, but it was the fact that it was my first birthday since my mom died that made it tough to get through. I spent the day in Laguna Beach which brought some lightheartedness to the day as well as a whole lot of sunshine.

That year of my life was the best yet. I accomplished so many life-long dreams and goals I had set for myself and checked many big things off of my bucket list. Through the loss of my mom and the journey of independence I took, I learned how precious life is. I learned to take ownership for the results that I see day-to-day. I learned that only I can know and create the life that fulfills me, serves me, and lifts me higher every single day. So, I continued taking action.

Today, as I turn another year older, I feel so blessed to be working toward my passion and life purpose, as a life coach. It makes me glow just to say that. I spend my days working a job that brings me joy and spend evenings going to class to do what, to me, is the greatest blessing - learning the tools of deep life transformation. And now, as I reach this birthday, I will be starting yet another new chapter...

I found myself the most perfect hi-rise condo for where I am right now in life. Or, maybe I should say that it somehow found me. It was one of those things I've had on my "list" and knew it would come about when the time was right. So, at the end of this exciting birthday month of mine, I'll be making that move and writing another new page in my book.

And that will be the beginning of my year that's full of so much potential. I have high hopes and big goals for this year. I'm in different surroundings with different people in a different line of work and I'm happy. So happy. And knowing that this happiness is only going to increase as the days continue… now that's pretty awesome.

I'm reminded that it's not in the New Year or on our birthday that we should celebrate or set new goals or hold ourselves to a certain standard. That should happen everyday. Make every second count. Don't give up. Don't settle. Don't sell yourself short. Take your wildest dreams and make them a reality. Come on, I dare you :)

What dreams are you making a reality this year?


Holly said...

Happy birthday, sweet friend! You inspire me every day with your outlook on life. I am so happy to call you a friend. I am so proud of you for always following your heart and chasing your dreams. You're going to be an amazing life coach, and I am so glad you find so much joy in your new journey. Enjoy your day!! xoxo

The Pink Growl said...

Love this post! You are such an incredible inspiration and I look forward to each of your doses in your posts! Life coaching is definitely your calling!!

Brianna said...

happy happy birthday Chels!! I love following on your journey in life and I will no doubt be so inspired during this next chapter for you!! keep me updated girl (: hope you have the greatest day, here's to an AMAZING 2014!!

Katie Did What said...

You really are glowing, my beautiful friend. <3 Love you so much and HAPPY birthday once again.


Torie said...

Happy birthday girl!

So many things. 1) Congrats on the move (suuuuper delayed but hey, I've been out of the blogging game). I dream of San Diego, too. So perhaps someday I'll come to you for the courage to do it.

2) I am so proud of you and all the self-discovery and self-healing you've been up to. I know some of those holes will never be filled, but you deserve so, so much joy and I think it's amazing that you've found ways to be happy despite the pain.

Ok. That's not that many things, but they are two pretty big things. So I wanted to say hi, I'm still reading, I miss chatting with you and I can't wait to keep up with your adventures in 2014!

Ash said...

you, my friend, have a way with words. im literally BEAMING with joy reading this and thinking about you and your future/exciting year ahead!

and this photo?!?!?! GAWGOUES....

and a high rise condo?!?!!? girl- you ballin'! can't wait to see pics!

i miss you, i love you, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm so happy for you!! Everything is finally happening the way it should for you :).

Camille Reicherter said...

Happy Birthday!!! and I'm very sorry to hear about your mom - you seem like a very strong girl and always looking past the difficulties to grow stronger! You are awesome! This year I am making my first cross country trip as a 26 year old single girl from Long Island, NY to Seattle, WA alone and I just found your blog doing some online research haha...I am like reading all of your posts and commenting on them haha

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday!