Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the Kinda Girl Who…


Didn't know what kinda girl she really was until the past two years.

Has forming wrinkles and a deviated septum but loves herself more than when she was a youthful teen.

Listens to Incubus or Pearl Jam at work.

Enjoys doing things alone (shopping, going to the beach, gym, etc.)

Prefers to wear Vans over stilettos any day.

Believes in falling nine times and getting up ten.

Buys a planner and then hardly writes in it.

Hates making left-hand turns without a green arrow.

Thinks it's super awkward when a guy tries to push your chair in for you.

Stands up for animals.

Watches ABC Family instead of Bravo.

Quotes Dane Cook.

Enjoys the adventure of moving to new states alone. (I mean… duh.)

Is constantly learning to release her fears.

Loves cats.

Prays to St. Anthony every time she's desperately looking for something.

Is always cold.

Wants to empower other women.

Feels emotions deeply.

Misses her mom.

It's always interesting to make lists like these. Some facts end up being funny and just completely off-the-wall, while others are soulful, deep, and come straight from the heart. I guess I'm a mix of both of those. I'm the kind of girl who is quirky and goofy and marches to the beat of her own drum. But I'm also the kind of girl who is intuitive and deeply spiritual and always learning. I love this gift of life so much and all the beautiful souls that have been put along my path and for those I've yet to meet. 

I'm the kinda girl who has hope at hopeless times, even if it knocks the wind out of my sails (which it always seems to do.) I'm the kinda girl who wants so badly to be a mother one day and share the bond my own mother gave to me. I'm the kinda girl who is always yearning to learn more about the kinda girl I am.


Amanda C. said...

Great list! I'd rather watch ABC family too! Lol

Dayna Capone said...

I recently discovered your blog (as I am new to the 'blog world') and I have become instantly hooked! This is a great post. I would pick ABC Family over another station any day, and I am definitely always cold. My husband thinks its a 'women' thing, he's just mad he is missing out ;)

Holly said...

I love the kinda girl you are! I'm so happy we're friends! Yes, having someone push in your chair is a nice gesture, but I never accomplish it gracefully. Not that it happens a lot - thank goodness because it's awkward. I have a planner I hardly write in! I even love writing things down and making lists. No stilettos for me. I too enjoy my alone time :) Thank you so much for linking up, doll face! Love you!

Kristine said...

I QUOTE DANE COOK!! Like, I'm obsessed. "Let's do this; I'm a cashew!"

Lindsay @ la vita dolce said...

Im all about tennis or flip flops than stilletos! ;)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I'm a HUGE animal lover too!

Britt said...

YES, INCUBUS FOREVER. I loved them. I feel 13 and i'm off to listen to them on spotify now.

emily said...

I found your blog through Holly's link up. She and I are IRL friends! ha.

Anyway, I couldn't help but read back through some of your stuff, especially since one of your things was about how you just found yourself over the past two years. i literally just wrote about that in my valentine's day post, so it sounds like we've gone through a lot of the same things over the past few years!!

great 'meeting' you.

Jenn @ A Country Girl's World said...

ABC Family > Bravo

Tinamia said...

Fellow animal lover here and we have quite a few similarities (that I'm cursing myself for not including in my post). But! Like you, the past two years (and presently) I refer to as my renaissance years. I've been rediscovering me so that I can say who it is I am and what I believe with confidence (something I never thought would be so difficult).

Finding a skinnier me said...

Fellow animal lover over here and I totally feel you on not discovering who you were till a couple years ago!!

Anne said...

St. Anthony always comes through for me too!


Shane Prather said...

As much as I love being around people- I too need my time alone to rejuvinate :)