Monday, June 17, 2013

I Know My Dream Will Take Me There: Africa

I naturally have very strong intuition. There are several instances where I've out-of-the-blue felt deeply that I was supposed to do something or go somewhere. Lately, I haven't been able to shake several feelings. One of them specifically is totally so out of left field that I can't ignore it.

I keep feeling like I'm supposed to go to Africa.

I know what you're thinking. Africa?! I thought the same thing too at first. However, when it just wouldn't go away, I started thinking more and more about it and looked into what it would be like to travel to several countries there. I am so very intrigued by that continent. It is so rich in cultures that we really only know so much about. In my first job out of college, I worked for an international organization whose primary function was to reduce world poverty and grow economic stability. One of the biggest departments I worked with was the African department. People from third world countries such as Sierra Lione, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cameroon. They were some of the friendliest, happiest people I've ever met.

Not to mention, Africa has beautiful landscapes and animals to take in and observe. I can't even imagine the experiences I'd be able to take away after spending time there.

Cape Town, South Africa

Baobab Trees in Madagascar

I get goosebumps thinking about being there in real life. Interacting with the people, the tribes, seeing the animals in their real and true habitat for once. Watching the sunset over the Sahara. Just feeling the spirit of Africa. Like this...

The girl singing is named Ann and she lives in the Flying Kites Home [a residence in Kenya for orphaned and abused children.] I watched this video several times. The first time, I couldn't stop smiling. To see the joy these children have while dancing and singing, knowing their conditions. *0:57 is my favorite part* The second time, I just cried. For the same reason. Seeing their joy and realizing the lives they're living. These children are beautiful little souls.

I spent a good portion of this weekend reading all about the different countries in Africa. The cultures. The animals. The poverty. The hope. I don't know why I'm being pulled toward Africa - whether I'm meant to work with sick cheetahs, spend time with orphaned children, or just experience all that is Africa. I don't know when I'll go. All I know is that I'll go there. I'm going to Africa.

As the children say, "I know my dream will take me there."

Have you been to Africa?


A Country Girls World said...

I have felt the same thing and have been constantly thinking about africa lately. I really want to go to places like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa and volunteer with the wildlife. I hope your goal is achieved and you get to help out those who need it :)

Melissa said...

Yes. My husband and I spent a week in Kenya 2 years ago. We were in Nairobi and then took a bush plane to the Masai Mara (part of the Serengeti) where we stayed in a tented camp for 5 nights on safari - photos only - not a hunting safar). Absolutely. Worth. It. I very rarely would describe a trip as "magical" but this one definitely was just that. Never been anywhere that took my breath away as much as that trip did. Friendliest people, too. We timed our trip to be there during the Great Migration which was incredible. Over 2 million wildebeests, 500,000 zebras and another million or so gazelles and other antelopes. Do it!

Chelsea said...

This would be too awesome :) I hope everything falls into place for you! I can't imagine going to Africa, it would be such an amazing experience!

Carolyn said...

So cool! I definitely think you should follow your heart! :)

Cody Doll said...

That's amazing. I have a pulling telling to go somewhere to help. I am not sure when or where but I feel I am supposed to be out there somewhere helping.

You should totally make this happen! Good luck.


Raquel said...

That would be such an amazing experience! I would LOVE to go to Africa! I'd say follow your heart and go for it :)

Kristine said...

Growing up, I never thought I'd want to go to Africa... but now? I'm dying to go on a safari!

LaurenMarie said...

I have been there! My heart is still there! I went to Tanzania for 3 weeks on a medical mission trip and it was the best time of my life! The people there are amazing and when the children sing it is like the heavens are opening up! I can't even begin to describe it in just one comment post. I will go back ...hopefully next year :)

Natalie Joseph said...

Well I am a born and bred South African so I would definitely encourage you to visit Africa.
I must be honest I haven't travelled extensively through the continent but I do my countey well and it would be impossible for you not to fall in love with it :)
Come visit!!!