Thursday, June 6, 2013

Goals for June

I mentioned on social media that I started a 40-day meditation on Monday. Four days in and I can already tell a huge difference. I always seek change and growth. They are two things that I believe to be good and extremely valuable in this life. I am so excited to continue to see the results in my life as I continue on with this daily meditation, among other things I will be learning and practicing. And after my post yesterday on how we have to love ourselves, I need to admit right now that I'm hard on myself. There are constantly twenty things I want to be improving on or remembering to do or trying to accomplish. But it's because life is short and there's only so much time...

June is a personally "busy" month for me because of my jewelry show on the 20th for After Sunset. I put busy in quotations because it's just wildly hectic. I will be obsessing over details until the day after that show is over. [Don't forget - you can buy tickets here!] But there are some other things I personally would like to accomplish this month, so I've decided to set some goals:

+ Take more pictures with my actual camera & not just my iPhone.

+ Post some of the recipes I've recently found and love.

+ Continue to purge my life [and house] of things that no longer strengthen me [more on this in another post.]

+ Take a moment every night before bed to either read a chapter in a book, write in my quote journal, or reflect.

+ Get California plates :) Had to throw this in here!

+ Pre-plan a few blog posts.

+ Don't let any of my veggies or fruit go bad for the rest of the month!

+ Set aside time to watch a movie with no interruptions.

+ M E D I T A T E every single morning.

Bam. Think I can do it all? What are your goals this month? Anything you want to join along with me on?

I still haven't filmed my Q&A vlog yet so there's still time if you have any questions you've been wanting to have answered by me :) Go ahead - don't be shy! Comment or email me.


Nicole said...

That movie one is a toughie for me!

Raquel said...

These are some great goals Chelsea!

SHAYNA said...

Great goals! Not letting fruits or veggies spoil is a great one! I'm terrible at that which in turn wastes a lot of money too!

Natalie Joseph said...

I'm planning a similar post on my blog as I write this, it's in "draft"mode so I will defintely be joing you on 3 of your goals
* Read a chapter of a book/journal/ reflect before bed
* Pre-plan a few blog posts
* Use my camera more than my iPhone...

Hopefully we can do this :)

Good luck

Chelsea said...

I think you can do this easily! Honestly I've never set up monthly goals, I guess I'm afraid I won't finish them all or it'll lead to me being too hard on myself. I guess that makes my goal for June, Don't be too hard on myself :)

Holly said...

I too am so hard on myself. Darn perfectionist ways. I mean that quote says it all - we've only got one life. Gotta make it the best, right?!

I love your list and I know you can accomplish all of this!! Good luck, little duck! xoxo

Stacia {simply stacia ~ the blog} said...

I just started meditating this morning and my day has rocked! I did a guided one from Tara Brach's website, and am already looking forward to my 20 minutes tomorrow! :)

Happy June!!