Monday, December 17, 2012

Day Two Delirium

Day Two of the cross country trek was probably the worst. Not only was it the first day waking up in a hotel with only one quarter of the drive complete, but I just wasn't thrilled about the road ahead of us that day: The rest of Tennessee, Arkansas, and half of Oklahoma.

For some reason, the drive into Memphis, reminded me of the drive into St. Louis from the West. Total deja vu. Maybe it has something to do with the Mississippi...

And then there was Arkansas. Ohhhhh, Arkansas. There really just wasn't much to look at along the I-40 stretch until Little Rock finally came along. You know it's bad when the only pictures on your iPhone for a large stretch of the way are taken inside the car... of Stella.

I originally had Stella in her carrier, secured in the backseat while I was driving but decided when I wasn't driving to hold her in my lap while still in the carrier. She enjoyed the security of having the carrier around her. I unzipped each end and occasionally placed my hand inside to say "hi" and give her some comfort. She loved snuggling up to me :)

We stopped in Little Rock for a quick lunch right in the middle of the city. It was fun to finally see a town in the state and get a somewhat better feel for Arkansas. There wasn't much after that until the Oklahoma border. Oh, except for a stuffed bear dressed in Razorback gear...

Then it was onward into Oklahoma! I enjoyed the sunset while watching the terrain start to change a bit [which I always find fascinating from state to state.] It's also fun to look up the state on Wikipedia and find out some interesting facts which I also did. Read up a ton on Native Americans in the land. Very cool!

I chatted with Lauren who's now living in OK and she mentioned that the buildings in OKC might be lit up with crosses since it's Christmastime. She was right! I enjoyed driving through the Oklahoma City area [although it was unfortunately dark by that point.] It was one of the more occupied areas we had seen in quite some time!

Day Two ended West of OKC in a small town right on Historic Route 66 called Weatherford. It's hard to believe Day Two started all the way back East in Nashville! Look THAT distance up on the map! And Day Three was going to be yet another long day... A day that I was so very excited for!

I won't be writing tomorrow as tomorrow many of us in the blogging community are having a blogger day of silence for the victims of Newtown, CT. Join us as we remember the heroes and those lost this past Friday.


Carolyn R said...

Oh the joys of a long drive!! At least you had Stella to cuddle with! :)

Cece said...

I can't even imagine such a long drive. I get sleepy on just a two hour drive! On the plus side you get to see so much.